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Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our 2020 campaign to refurbish the courts in Manor Park. If you are entitled to a voucher for court time or coaching as a result of your donation, please get in touch with to arrange a time. 

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The Winning Spirit shop is the place to shop for Tennis Avenue branded tennis gear. You can visit it here: The Winning Spirit Shop

Free Community Tennis

One of our principal goals with the funding project is to allow local families to play and learn for free on the new courts. The resident tennis academy – who holds the lease for the courts from the council – already free offer community coaching to children and adults in separate groups. But they don’t provide any coaching for families together! 

Winning Spirit believe passionately in the value of learning and playing together as a family. All too often we see lines of children waiting to hit and parents standing on the sidelines. We want to change all that, and get the parents on the court too!

We have conceptualised a new Parent & Child coaching course that we will administer entirely ourselves and run with the assistance of Tennis Avenue academy’s coaching staff. To make this happen, we first need to ensure the courts are resurfaced. Interested in this course? Let us know, and we’ll keep you updated. 


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About Us

Find out who we are!

Tennis Academy

The lease for the courts is held by Tennis Avenue Academy. Find out how we’re working together.

About the tennis courts

A brief history of the Manor Park tennis courts and a description of the resurfacing and maintenance requirements.

About our 2020 campaign

Read about our 2020 campaign to renovate the courts at Manor Park

Our work and goals

What are our short and long-term goals and what’s our vision for the Manor Park tennis courts?

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What are our short and long-term goals and what’s our vision for the Manor Park tennis courts?

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