About our 2020 Court Renovation Campaign

We renovated the Manor Park Courts!

Information about our 2020 Court Renovation Campaign

About our campaign

Our 2020 Campaign Video:

The Winning Spirit Fund was founded by local community members who recognised the urgent need to renovate the tennis courts at Manor Park (between New Malden and Worcester Park). One of our founder members is a senior coach at the tennis academy that manages the courts, and two are parents of academy children.

The tennis academy was intending to refurbish all 8 tennis courts in the summer of 2020. However due to the financial impact of ceasing operations during the Covid-19 lockdown, and not being able to resume a normal coaching programme for numerous months, they were only able to refurbish 4 of the courts.

The meant that the remaining 4 courts were going to stay in their dilapidated condition unless we as a community could get together and raise enough funds to cover their costs. Without doubt the tennis courts at Manor Park are some of the most utilised public courts in the country; being in use virtually every day of the year, summer and winter in all weather conditions. In the past year it is estimated that over 10,000 court hours of tennis were played on the courts.

We therefore believed the local community, and families involved with the academy, would be very supportive of an effort to complete the renovations for the entire site in one go – to aim high and build facilities that we can all be proud of.

This did indeed prove to be the case, and we were able to raise £21,574 and make a massive contribution towards the refurbishment of all 8 of the courts. 

Our New Courts

The Courts Before Refurbishment
The Courts After Refurbishment

The courts are now completely refurbished, not only in terms of the court surface itself, but also the surrounding installation.

Winning Spirit volunteers spend many (happy!) weekends painting the fencing, cutting the lighting posts and painting them, repainting the net posts, working on the soil area surrounding the courts and tidying the entire installation.



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