Dilhan’s “all or nothing” Frame Challenge!​

What am I doing?

Over the years, many pro ATP and WTA players have attempted the Frame Challenge (consecutively bouncing the ball on the frame of the racket).

I am attempting the same challenge, with the aim of beating the very best score of the top Pro players out there, which is 410 by Pablo Carreno Busta. 

Please note: this is not something I have been practising seriously prior to the challenge.

June 20: I've done it!!

The good news is: I achieved a score of 960 (https://youtu.be/XMZeH3jSJTA), which to my knowledge is over double any other total out there by anyone.

The bad news is: I did it within two days, and I am still nowhere near my fundraising target. I have however revised my challenges in order to get to my target – I am upping the stakes!

The Big 1000 Challenge

Sponsor me to get 1000+ with your £1000+

If any company wishes to sponsor me to aim for 1000+, I will do so while having your branding clearly visible throughout – and Live Stream my attempt. This could be a unique promotional opportunity for you to engage with your customers.

It is an EXTREMELY difficult challenge however and I cannot guarantee success, only that I will try my best for up to an hour or so -possibly broken down into two slots of 30 minutes each if I need to give my wrists a rest.

Please bid in the comments section below OR by contacting contact@winningspirit.org.uk. Any bid over £2000 will also see one of the new courts exclusively promoting your company (banners, logos etc.) for one year, with weekly use of the court for your employees / customers. 

My Challenge to the World

Top 10 or Pledge £10 

The current scoreboard reads as follows:

  • 960 Dilhan W (https://youtu.be/XMZeH3jSJTA)
  • 410 Pablo Carreno Busta (https://youtu.be/go1R0SSbLFw)
  • 406 Rafa Nadal  (https://youtu.be/qgvdDZ7o9Ng)
  • 236 Alize Cornet (https://youtu.be/W1IKq8mT3sU)
  • 182 Joao Sousa (https://youtu.be/kB75Ug11xaA)
  • 108 Sara Errani (https://youtu.be/2I7iakRSDVU)
  • 75 Elina Svitolina (https://youtu.be/cm2lMTOYTz8)
  • 73 Dominic Thiem (https://youtu.be/fdKU9tR1KUE)
  • 60 Agnieszka Radwanska (https://youtu.be/gUE40lhoECQ)
  • 50 Hyeon Chung (https://youtu.be/6F_52He9-TE) 
If any of you Pros or Freestylers don’t like to see a fresh 14 year old like me at the top of this list (with a score greater than Busta, Nadal and Thiem added together), then I challenge you to beat my score and leave a link for your video in the Comments section below. If you can’t beat it then perhaps you would consider pledging an amount to my fundraiser (below)?
If you are a top 100 ATP/WTA player then you can get out of either of these things by playing a match, or even one set with me 🙂


If anybody else out there would like to knock me off my perch (any 14 year olds? anyone better than me for my age, anywhere?) then please feel free to try and beat me and post the link to your video if you make it into the top 10 at least. If not, perhaps you would consider pledging £10 to the fundraising cause?

All pledges gratefully received with much thanks.

Choose Pledge Amount

£1900 of £3000 raised

6 thoughts on “Dilhan’s “all or nothing” Frame Challenge!​

  1. Hi Dilhan! I had a go at this myself and it’s so hard. I’ve pledged £25 for you to beat Pablo Carreno Busta. I think my money’s pretty safe!

  2. Hi Dilhan. I like to see you beat sara errani. I am pledging £100. I think you can do it. Nilanthi and Oswald

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Dilhan’s “all or nothing” Frame Challenge!​
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