Our parent & child community tennis programme

We passionately believe in sport as a positive factor in the lives of families. In an age when family time is scarce, when both children and adults are increasingly sedentary and when shared generational interests are hard to come by  – sport is there to fill the gaps. 

Tennis Avenue Academy already run an extensive programme of individual child and adult community coaching. Our focus is different – it’s on parent and child coaching, where children are accompanied by parents! They both receive coaching, and the parents are encouraged to pick up some basic coaching skills themselves. 

This course does not carry a fee! 

Kieran Macarty, Senior Coach

The free 10 week coaching course

  • Gets both the parents and the children active at the same time
  • A wonderful way for parents to spend time with their children
  • Teaches basic tennis coaching skills to parents
  • Administered entirely by Winning Spirit
  • Will use the newly refurbished courts

No more waiting in line!

A normal community coaching programme will see a large number of children all waiting in line for their turn to hit. There’s not many ways round that – smaller children and beginners can’t properly feed balls to each other. But once you get the parents involved, you suddenly have an army of assistant coaches, able to provide 1-on-1 attention to their children. The kids learn quicker and the parents pick up coaching skills. 

Bridging generational divides

Let’s face it, most parents very quickly lose touch with the latest interests of their children. Kids start discussing the ins-and-outs of the latest season of Fortnite, and parents zone out! Sport is different. By building a shared interest between parents and children in tennis, we help ensure family dinner discussions centre around such important matters as whether Federer really is the GOAT, or whether Kyrgios has wasted his talent. 

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Please let us know how much tennis experience you and your child have. Any level is fine!

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