Our work and goals

Our initial goal was to raise £20,000 to secure the renovation of the tennis courts in Manor Park. We achieved this goal in July 2020. 

Beyond this, our goal is to use the newly refurbished courts to provide a community parent & child tennis coaching programme.  We are passionate about the benefits of getting both parents AND children into sport together. When parents and children are coached together, this ensures that more members of the family are active, it provides valuable family bonding time and it gives children a greater amount of one on one coaching time. 

Beyond this, we would like to provide funds for the tennis facilities to ensure they are modern, good looking and the perfect place for the community to learn, play and compete. A source of pride for local residents.

Free parent & child community tennis

One of our primary goals is to assist Tennis Avenue academy with their community tennis programme. Their existing programme has already given their start in the game to hundreds of children. However, we believe that it could be expanded and improved upon to include a parent & child tennis programme. 

By taking on the administrative burden for the expansion of their community work, we will be able to greatly increase the scope and reach of that work. To read more about our aims in this area, please read her: our community tennis programme

Helping to fulfil the dreams of local young people

One of our primary motivations is to help positively effect the lives of local young people by through tennis! We aim to spread the word in the local community to let everyone know that a free tennis resource exists! For those that take to it, we will help them fulfil their potential and reach the pinnacle of their dreams.

Helping to make Manor Park a source of pride for the community

Manor Park is a wonderful place and sport is a major part of its offering for local people. We want to help ensure the entire park is in great condition and it’s not let down by the tennis courts!

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