The Tennis Avenue Courts Inauguration

When: Saturday 29th August 9.30am – 1.30pm

Where: Manor Park, 72 Manor Drive North, New Malden, England, KT3 5PA

What: A day of high quality tennis & delicious BBQ food – all in a COVID safe environment!

Tennis Avenue Academy would like to invite academy parents /guardians & students to the grand reopening of the tennis courts at Manor Park!

Due to COVID restrictions we can’t quite have the inauguration we’d dreamt of – but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a very special day indeed.

So, what’s the plan?

We invite parents to enjoy some delicious BBQ food – brought to them in their seats no less – whilst they watch their high performance athletes train and compete. What could be better?

We invite students to step onto their new courts and to train under instruction from 1 ex Davis Cup player and 1 current Davis Cup player whilst their parents watch. Then, they get to battle it out against each other (and the pros!) in a mini tournament – with a crowd of spectators cheering them on. 

Finally, we’ll finish the day with an exhibition match between the Davis cup pros and the dream team of Dilhan Wasantha and Kieran Macarty. For that, we’ll ALL be cheering them on. 

COVID Restrictions

Of course, we will not be putting anyone at risk during this event and will be following the rules. The students will all be on court as part of a normal training session. Parents will not be allowed on court (sorry!) and will be seated around the outside of the courts in family groups 2 metres apart from each other. You will be given a coloured wristband and we ask you to only interact (at 2m distance) with other parents of the same colour wristband. This ensures you would never be able to interact with a group of more than 30 people.

All staff (& parent helpers!) will be wearing facemasks.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day!

Further Events

We are very aware that it’s more than just the TA parents and students who contributed to the fundraising efforts and to these new courts. There are countless grandparents, friends, local community members and many others who played a very important part. We are currently planning further events to show our appreciation to everyone. We can’t have the BIG event we would have liked to due to COVID, but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten everyone. We will let you know about further events in due course. 

Tickets Now Closed

So that we can plan the day, tickets are now closed. 

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